We’re so happy to have a place to share our ideas, thoughts, and music; a space for our fans to write us and share their lives with us— there is so much that we have in common as the next generation and there is a comfort in knowing your thoughts. We do have music in common and the sisters will all contribute to the BLOG. And at times, we want our Dad and Mom to share their thoughts as they are big part of our music as musicians, lyricists, and our management.


We thought it would be fun to share our new photos with everyone. By looking at the photos many would conclude that it’s just pose and click. There was an entire team that helped in deciding everything about photographing, not just one girl, but all five. It started with the marketing team, working with make up artists, lighting experts, fashion consultants, hair designers and one amazing photographer who tied it all together. So, our thanks and compliments to her and the entire team for their contribution and making the KC Sisters such a priority so we can share our music with everyone.

Our blog is our way of connecting with fans and listening because without you there would be no reason to play and share our music.

With Love,

Deanna, Noelle, Tasha, Kathleen, & Elise