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The KC Sisters Cover Of “You Can’t Hurry Love”



The effervescent sounds of the KC Sisters are a marvelous musical phenomenon. I had the blessed opportunity of getting familiar with this siblingship of chorale while reviewing their epic cover of Please Mr. Postman. The KC Sisters have put together another sensational offering in their cover of You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes.

The KC Sisters add some youthful vigor to the 1966 classic tune. The group’s refreshing bright sound backed by inventive instrumentation provides a charming variation of the original song’s structure and a whole new experience in pop-soul music that is truly memorable. The KC Sisters have a distinct and pristine brand, yet they are able to courageously cover a song of multi-generational caliber like You Can’t Hurry Love with a brilliance that puts this melody through the fountain of youth called a place in our hearts. https://kcsisters.com/

Review by Jamsphere Magazine



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KC Sisters: “Walk With Me” featuring the single “Please Mr. Postman”

The KC Sisters aren’t old enough to remember when radio programmed pop records next to country, rock, folk, and beyond, but their artistic DNA tells them that’s the way music was meant to be heard. Their sound on the EP, “Walk With Me”, is like a warm embrace from a loved one. It’s sincere, authentic and absolute, taken from a legacy of sound that comes from their fondness for the all-girl groups of the 1960s. The Casey sisters – Deanna, Noelle, Tasha, Elise and Kathleen – highlight their acapella harmonization, as well as their mastery as skilled musicians, playing piano, guitar, violin, bass, cello and drums. Moreover they are ably supported by their parents – their father Chris, a professor of jazz studies, is the music director, songwriter, arranger, composer and pianist. While their mother, Jennifer, manages the group, and contributes her violin talents when needed.

Perhaps the most arresting thing about the EP is the sustained atmosphere throughout — while there are a wide variety of sounds and styles present here, there’s the underlying warmth and confidence that wraps the entire recording up like a blanket. From the minute the KC Sisters kick off the EP with the rocking rhythm “I’m Diggin’ It”, there’s a sense of palpable and unified emotion driving each song.

Stampede” sees the group launch themselves into an up-tempo fiddle extravaganza of complex call and response melodies that are as captivating as they are invigorating. I can’t think of a single moment, while listening to this song, that I did not tap my feet.

“Empty Promises” forges a luscious ballad featuring rich string lines, a dominating piano rhythm, and a powerful lead vocal. All embellished with resonating harmonies and dynamic chord progressions. The song manages to craft an affecting and interesting tale of what was, what is, and what isn’t meant to be.

“Walk with Me” comes bouncing in on a jangly guitar and swirling organ backdrop, which is followed by some intense and fiery lead guitar interludes supporting the uplifting melody runs. The result is sparkling, exuberant verses and choruses that are nothing short of spectacular in their execution.

“Still Remember” delivers yet another touching ballad that allows the KC Sisters’ considerable vocal gifts to blossom. Melding pop’s lush instrumentals with country’s emotional intensity, the KC Sisters craft a sound that should appeal to a wide cross-section of listeners. By painting in so many vivid lyrical details, one easily gets a crystal-clear picture of the sadness experienced by the singers.

The KC Sisters leave the EP’s final slot for the recording’s centerpiece, “Please Mr. Postman” – a song first brought to the fore in 1961 by The Marvelettes. The track also went on to impact audiences in versions by The Beatles, The Carpenters, and Barry Cowsill among others.

In contrast to their illustrious predecessors, the KC Sisters slow down their version a notch, and concentrate on bringing out the core melody, harmony and meaning of the song. The girls deliver a smooth, lush and engaging cover that sounds equally professional, as it does tuneful and entertaining.

They practically apply a modern sheen to a classic song without abandoning its original nuance and sparkle. The KC Sisters’ everything-in-its-proper-place chemistry is undeniable, and every bit as impacting as the original, and subsequent commercially successful versions of “Please Mr. Postman”. Talented and charming, the KC Sisters can more than hold their own in today’s image-obsessed pop realm.

Keep a lookout for the KC Sisters, who this year will be profiled in a one-hour docutainment, “The Girlhood”, paying tribute to the girl groups of the 1960s.


Alex Faulkner, Music critic with "The Faulkner Review"

SINGLE REVIEW: Please Mr. Postman by The KC Sisters

December 31, 2018 by The Faulkner Review

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The KC Sisters are a five-piece vocal harmony group who range from twenty one to fifteen year old twins, hailing from Connecticut. The five sisters, who are all also multi-instrumentalists, grew up in a very musical household. Their father is Professor of Jazz Studies at The Hartt School Of Music and acts as the musical director for the group. They originally formed as the Casey Girl Sisters in 2004 and released their first album in 2007. They have been performing as the KC Sisters since 2014.

This track, Please Mr. Postman, is a musically faithful cover of The Marvelettes hit from the 1960’s. The song is a perfect showcase for the Sisters’ vocal talents, both individually and collectively. Starting with the chorus in rich four and five-part harmony, the girls then switch to singing a line each on the verse, and each one has their own distinctive tone and timbre.

Their voices combined is a spectacularly rich sound, and the group harmonies are delivered with melodic and rhythmic precision. The musical backing is of a similarly high standard, with a Phil Spector-style arrangement that gradually builds across the track with soaring strings (performed by the Sisters!) towards the end of the song.

Overall, this is a fantastic modern cover of a timeless classic by a family group that hark back to the great vocal harmony groups of the 50’s and 60’s. The sisters are all highly accomplished vocalists in their own right, but together they produce a synergy that’s as strong a sound as perhaps the greatest harmony group, The Beach Boys. I look forward to hearing their original material as all members of the group are songwriters, which bodes well for their long term future. For now, this cover is the perfect introduction to the magical sound of The KC Sisters.

VERDICT: 8.8 out of 10 

Alex Faulkner

Listen here: 

Warlock Asylum, music critic and blogger with "Warlock Asylum International News"

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Please Mr. Postman by The KC Sisters

By Warlock Asylum on December 28, 2018

The exquisite sounds of the KC Sisters are sure to bring delight to devotees of classic rock, pop, and soul music genres. This family affair perfectly embodies the R&B energy that was once captivated by the legendary acts from previous generations with a notable dose of originality suited for the post-modern era.

Based out of the beloved state of Connecticut, members Deanna (vocals, guitar), Noelle (bass, occasional drums, and violin), Tasha (drums, tambourine), Elise (acoustic and electric guitars), and Kathleen (rhythm guitar) form this symphonious quintet. Having been reared in a musical household, the KC Sisters receive guidance and mentorship from their parents Chris (a music instructor and jazz pianist) and Jennifer. The chemistry of the group is nothing less than a powerhouse of eloquent chorale as seen in their recent  cover of the 1963 classic Please Mr. Postman.

Originally released by the Marvelettes and famously covered by The Beatles, Please Mr Postman’s charming melody is something that warms the heart. The KC Sisters are able to take this classic tune and make it their own. Listeners really get to hear the earth shattering harmonies and soulful grace of the KC Sisters, which proves to be a generation-mender of appreciative nostalgic prose. it doesn’t get any better than this. The KC Sisters’ version of the track is quite entertaining and perfectly demonstrates that the only gimmick connected to this family act is raw talent.

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The KC Sisters have also released a beautiful video of the song in a nice black-and-white Cinderella storybook style. Please Mr. Postman by the KC Sisters is a charming work that only expands the group’s catalog of timelessness.

Robet Charles, Author, "The Theory of SWAG: A Young Woman's Guide to Success & Wealth"

"The KC Sisters offer the younger generation of women a rebirth of independence and sisterhood which is reflective across the globe.  Their choice of paying tribute to the amazing Girl Groups of the 1960s is exactly what transpired during the women's movement of that era.  I'm confident that Millennial women and those of Generation Z will follow these young women closely--they will make their mark.

Robert Charles-

Author, "The Theory of SWAG: A Young Woman's Guide to Success & Wealth"


Erick, music critic and blogger with "Electrowow."

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The KC Sisters will transport you back to the 60s with their latest EP ‘Walk With Me’. The retro vibes are clearly felt in all the four tracks. For instance, they pay tribute to the country hit “I’m Diggin’ It”, but my favorite cut is their own version of the Marvelettes’ classic, “Please Mr. Postman”. Of course, you probably might remember other bands have covered this song, like The Beatles and The Carpenters. Still and all, the Casey sisters provide a breath of fresh air with their female voices. There’s no doubt their talent is inherited from their parents who are both musicians. Watch this beautiful video right here:

Next year these girls will launch an hour-long documentary titled ‘The Girlhood’, which is a homage to girl groups of the 60s, including The Shangri-Las, The Supremes, The Shirelles, The Ronettes, Martha, and the Vandellas, The Chiffons, and many more… Can’t wait to listen to their forthcoming material which will be an LP featuring 12 tracks from these Billboard acts. Find out more at https://www.KCsisters.com and their cover single, “Please Mr. Postman”.

Rebecca Cullen, Music critic and blogger with "Stereo Stickman".

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KC Sisters

Please Mr. Postman

Dec 24, 2018 - Rebecca Cullen

KC Sisters harmonize beautifully on this refreshing take on The Marvelettes 1960’s classic Please Mr. Postman. Rarely do you get the pleasure of hearing this sort of vocal-led, vintage musicality these days – particularly not from such a young group of artists. KC Sisters give the song a whole new sound, fresh yet in keeping with the original vibe. This is a totally respectful and incredibly enjoyable cover of an easy to love song.

From the offset, those recognisable tones emerge and you know where you are, still though – there’s a delicacy to this version, and the number of different voices add a consistent level of change or evolution throughout; as well as various instances of character that help keep the whole thing interesting and captivating.

To watch the accompanying video in unison with the single is to appreciate all the more-so the skill and passion with which the band perform. Everyone involved has put their all into this, but more importantly – they’ve done so in a humble and respectful manner. There’s a shared understanding and a shared sense of togetherness presented throughout the recording. Rather than this feeling like each singer showcasing their abilities, one by one, it feels like a moment of oneness – a group brought together for a genuine love of the music and of performing in this style.

As suggested earlier, the harmonies are stunning – interesting and uniquely put together. At the same time, each moment is performed flawlessly and is also accompanied with real heart and soul. It’s a pleasure to hear this song again after so long, especially when it’s been given such a light and lovely makeover. Well worth a listen, and once you’ve heard it – you’re likely to be on the lookout for even more from KC Sisters.

Visit the KC Sisters Website for more information.