“Girl Groups Rocked American Music and

Gave Us a New Chapter in Music History”

-Dick Clark


The Casey sisters have music in their DNA. The girls were raised by two musicians and introduced to multiple genres of music from rock & roll, country, gospel, folk, R&B and Jazz. Aside from their acapella voices that harmonize on their repertoire of selections, each girl plays multiple instruments including the piano, guitar, violin, bass, cello and drums. In their EP, “Just Girls!” the entire family contributed to their song selection. Their father Chris, a professor of jazz studies, is the music director, songwriter, arranger, composer and pianist. Jennifer, besides manager for the KC Sisters, contributes her violin talents to the group, and oversees the music program at a school for gifted children in Connecticut. The girls seemed to all find their comfort zone in their music and often times find themselves on the right side of the music they choose to perform. Each girl contributes to the writing of a song, which at times can be challenging, having so many cooks in the kitchen. Somehow they make it work and the song matures into a something they all enjoy perform.



The girls have been performing since 2002 starting as The Casey Girl Singers with their 2 cousins. They began performing in senior homes in 2002 when Elise and Kathleen were just babies and still sitting in their double stroller. The older girls would sing, do some step dancing and play fiddle tunes. All 7 girls cut a Christmas CD in 2007 backed up by a jazz trio. The CD includes 10 Christmas standards and 1 original song written by Deanna called “Santa Santa.” The girls continued to perform for the next several years expanding their venues to libraries and farmers markets. During 2011-2013 the girls took a hiatus form performing and began again in 2014 under a new name, the KC Sisters group was formed.

Chris (father) is a professor of Jazz Studies at The Hartt School of Music, and is an arranger of jazz music and directs the Hartt Big Band. He is the musical director for The KC Sisters and the primary arranger of their songs as well as their pianist. He composes most of their original music and collaborates in songwriting with the girls both individually and in groups. He is also a freelance jazz pianist performing in many venues and with various jazz musicians throughout New England.

Jennifer (mother) is the manager of the KC Sisters and maintains a strong presence in their musical careers overseeing the concert schedule and much of their social presence. She will occasionally perform with them on stage with her violin, most notably in “Stampede”. When not managing the girls she can be found teaching private violin lessons in her home office or running the music program at a very small school for the gifted in science and math, nestled on top of a mountain in Connecticut.

Deanna (21) currently studies Jazz Studies with an emphasis in voice at The Hartt School of Music. She first composed a song for the group when she was 11 with her cousin and her dad (“Santa Santa”). She continues to write music, with 2 songs waiting to be recorded at present. While all the girls started on the violin, she continued with her studies the longest, studying with the former chair of The Suzuki Institute of America. She decided that in 9th grade she would be home-schooled and remained home until her junior year of high school. While home she continued her musical studies and played on a premier soccer team. When deciding on college she had to make the choice to either accept a full scholarship for soccer or continue her music. She chose music. She contributes mostly on the drums and violin, but also plays guitar on several songs.

Noelle (20) is the only one who was not home schooled at some point in her education. She also continued her violin studies into high school. She and Deanna both joined a violin tour group called “Vivace” based in Westport, CT, and cut a CD with the group in 2013. Noelle is an avid soccer player joining a very elite team for 2 years in high school. She took her freshman year off of full time academics to attended the Greater Hartford Academy for the Arts and focused on dance. She currently attends Trinity College and is studying Math and Music and takes her academics seriously. She received an award for having the second highest GPA of her grade her first year at Trinity, and has subsequently received academic awards each semester she has been in attendance at college. She is probably the most serious of the girls, logical and very thorough. She is the primary bass player, but also plays violin, guitar and drums.

Tasha (18) is a senior in high school. She loves cross-country, and as a passionate singer and writer, and hopes to broaden her horizons in college in those areas. She is probably the most emotional, connecting with her songs on a deep level; that is transparent when she sings. She lives in the moment. She wrote the beautiful ballad “Empty Promises” when she was in middle school; it was just released on the latest EP “Walk With Me”. She was home schooled for 2 1⁄2 years from 4th grade to 6th grade, joining the small school where her parents teach in January of her 6th year. She plays drums and tambourine primarily, but also plays bass.

Elise (15) was also home-schooled for a short time before enrolling the school where her parents teach. She loves to play soccer and is always asking her sisters if they want to go on a run or play a quick game of 3 vs. 3 in the backyard. She is currently a sophomore in high school and enjoys playing on the soccer team and running track. She always has a smile on her face and brings a high amount of energy during and outside of rehearsals. She loves music, but also loves animals. If she is not at home playing with her dog, cat or bunny, she can be found dreaming of the day when she will be a dolphin trainer or work at an animal rehabilitation facility. She primarily plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass, as well as violin and drums.

Kathleen (15) plays soccer on her high school team and enjoys Math and English as her favorite subjects. She is probably the most easygoing of the girls and is the peace keeper among the girls. Initially she is very shy, but once you get to know her she can be very energetic. She can be found many afternoons nestled in the hammock or in the lazy chair reading a book from the library. She primarily plays rhythm and lead guitar as well as bass and violin on occasion.